Ask me

by the gift of
As rich as velvet
My harsh
Hard touch
Finds you
Open to me
My eyes appear
Cold but
You can feel
The hunger
In my fingers
Using you
Demanding the
Of your pleasure
But even as I
Tease that sweet fire
I whisper
That you must ask
For the release
And maybe
I’ll give you
But oh how
You ripen and swell
At the possibility
That I
Might not


12 thoughts on “Ask me

    1. Thank you very much. Thank you for the follow, and please have a browse as there’s spoken word pieces and a lot of poetry on here, as well as the writing diary, but that’s not of interest to everyone.

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    1. I find the dynamics and inherent contradictions really interesting to write about. There’s a lot of strong energy and metaphor that I tap into, the books themselves have had some elements of that interplay within it, but I tap into a masculine sexual energy, equal parts tenderness and ravishment.

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    1. Thank you. It’s something that I enjoy working with, not always successfully but it feeds into the book writing as a way of trying to capture sexual energies in a limited framework.


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