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Sir: Episode 2

The painting took up the whole wall, someone’s profile picture recreated in oils and magnified to grand proportions.  Her black hair contained within it a river of different colours to capture the careless light in the photograph. I was roused from my feigned contemplation by a warm hand at my shoulder.

‘David? ‘

I turned and looked down at the porcelain teeth and tanned skin, the small town eyes that hadn’t had the light kicked out of them and the delicate face set atop a hard lean body.


She nodded and offered me her hand.  The corners of her mouth twitched upwards with relief as she gave me a cursory examination.

‘So, what do you think? ‘

I gestured to the painting and then she nodded.

‘It’s fascinating. Did you get permission?’

She grimaced and I saw her fingers knitted together with nerves as she adjusted the hem of the black dress that clung to her hips.


I winked at her. ‘It’s always better to ask forgiveness than permission.’

She raised an eyebrow as she smiled and moved her clutch from under her arm.

‘I will remind you of that later.’

I moved to her side and took her arm. She looked up at me.

‘You look different from your photo.’

I swallowed but then she grinned at me.

‘You’re better in person. Your eyes, especially.’

I gave a brief nod and was about to thank her when she was called.  She kissed me on the cheek and apologised.  Then she tottered off, dogged by the lack of practice with heels that was probably anathema here but her taut ass swayed and I held my gaze until I saw a man examining me, his upper lip curled over his teeth.  His black hair was combed away from his forehead and shaved up at the sides and he had a full beard that covered his cheeks and chin.


Built an app and sold it without any idea of what to do when you’re awash in a sea of fuck you money and you realise that you can’t swim. Jill had supported him during the development phase, indulging his experiments with the following-

Polyphasic sleep (He was never awake before noon.)
An open relationship (He slept with her best friend, sister and made a pass at her aunt.)
Ethnogenic experiments (He did mushrooms at her last show and torn apart a display that she’d been in the process of selling to a collector.)

After that last argument, he’d moved out and three days later, he’d sold his app that provided you with wifi spots or cab drivers (she sent me a link but the page held the cardinal sin of auto playing a video, so I googled it and was no wiser).I smiled at him and he looked away, his adam’s apple protruding as he swallowed and I returned to the painting so he couldn’t see my face. She took my arm as she stretched up and kissed me on the cheek.

‘Sorry, I hate the hustle but these people are in See-Cure.’

I turned and smiled at her.

‘It’s cool, my time is yours.’

She went to look at Nathan but I shook my head.

‘Do you want him to see that you’re happy or do you want to make him think that he’s got you so desperate to see him bleed that you have gone to this much effort?’

Her eyes bulged as she took a small step backwards.  She folded her arms and her mouth tightened into a terse slash.

‘You’re not being paid to be my therapist.’

I looked around, registered the amused glances and took a small step towards her.  I stared into her eyes as I took her right elbow and raised my voice.

‘You can’t expect me to just stand here and wait for your attention, Jill.’

She went pale and I let go of her elbow, rolling my eyes in Nathan’s direction as her forehead furrowed in confusion.

‘You can’t just make me love you then leave me hanging.’

Page 213 of Love’s Tempest, part of my mum’s collection of battered romance paperbacks that I would skim for the sex scenes and ending up absorbing a lot of insights about what women like.Her jaw dropped, then her eyes glittered and she strode forward and lowered her chin.

‘I’m sorry but you know this is important to me.’

I winked at her and then stepped forward, put my hands on her bare arms. She shivered as I circled her forearms with my fingers and smoothed my palms towards her elbows.

‘I only ever want you to succeed.’

She nodded, her teeth set into her lower lip. She whispered.

‘Is he looking?’

I looked right without moving my head and he stood there, holding a tumbler of vodka with his fingers pressed around it, pale from the tension. I gave a short nod and she bit back a smile.

‘Can we go soon?’

Her voice was smaller, more breath than volume and I nodded again. She leaned and kissed me on the cheek then turned and walked. I looked right, Nathan’s glass was left on the table.She was half an hour, flush with triumph at the sales she’d made. The car service took us to hers and we sat in the back, her hand rested atop mine as her fingers massaged the skin between my knuckles.

I ran my tongue over my lips as the light draped over the line of her neck and down her shoulder.  When we got out of the car, the game would begin.  She’d sent me pages of details as to what her needs and expectations were.  I’d made a careful read of everything, which was why I had affected a brooding silence. She got out first, slowly to hide her nerves as she walked and typed in the code for the security system.  I stood there, studied the tight muscles in her back and legs as she slipped off each shoe with a sigh of relief.  The car drove off and the door clicked open as she looked over her shoulder.

‘Come in.’

She stepped inside but the length and power of my stride meant that I was on her before the door closed.  My hand went to her throat as I pushed her against the wall.  She gasped as her arms fell by her sides and I stared into her eyes without a flicker of emotion.

‘I can do anything I want to you.’

She glared at me as she clenched her thighs together.  She pressed her lips into each other as she shook her head. I growled at her and whipped my right hand up to take a fistful of her hair and gave it a firm pull as she cried out.She nodded as much as my hands would allow.  I pulled her hair again and she whimpered before she spoke.


She gasped as I pressed my fingers around her throat and lifted my chin to look down at her.

‘Yes, what?’

She gave up a small sob. Her thighs were clenched together and she shuddered before she spoke.

‘Yes, Sir.’

I let go of her throat and hair as I took a step back and folded my arms.  I stood with my legs apart looking her up and down.

‘Turn around and face the wall.’

She turned and lowered her head so that her forehead rested against the wall.

‘Put your hands against it and open your legs.’

She put her hands against the wall but kept her knees together. Then she looked over her shoulder and glared at me.

‘You are going to have to make me, Sir.’

I took her hair in my hand and twisted a rope of it between my fingers as I smacked my palm against the curve of her ass. There was a loud crack and the impact stung my palm. Jill panted as she lowered her head and raised her ass up. I shoved the hem of her dress up, her left cheek glowing with the impact where it peeked out from the delicate silk and lace trim of her underwear.

She opened her thighs and I smacked her again. She whimpered and I pulled her hair to keep her upright.  I put my mouth to her ear.

‘I’m going to tear those expensive panties off you, and there’s not a fucking thing that you can do.’

She gasped and I let go of her hair to hook my fingers through the waistband in opposite directions and pulled them apart with a light ripping sound.  She swore as I took the ragged mess and balled it up. I put it to my nose and inhaled the faint bouquet of her before I held it to her face.

‘This is going in your mouth until I decide different.’

She nodded and exhaled heavily as she pushed herself against my hand. I pushed them into her mouth and spanked her ass as I held her hair, three rapid, brutal blows that made her buckle at the knees but she pushed against the wall to keep herself upright.  I shook my hand out and then slipped my fingers up the inside of her thigh. Her pussy was slick and throbbing and I stroked my fingers down the curve of her before I drew them back.  I straightened them out and flicked them against her,  at which she cried out through the gag of her panties. I spanked her again and she lifted onto her toes. She breathed through her nose and I pulled her hair as I used my index finger to make slow circles around her clit. I held her hair in my fist while I whisked my fingers against her.

The insides of her thighs were slick with the oil of her arousal and it took a moment before she was spasming and crying through the gag as she slapped her palms against the wall. She tensed up and shuddered, howling her pleasure out and I pressed the palm of my hand against her pussy. She began to sag and I let go of her then turned her around by her shoulders to wrap her up in my arms.

I plucked the gag from her mouth and wiped away the saliva from her cheeks and chin with the fabric before I slipped it into my pocket.  She held onto me, hard enough that I fought for my breath but I bore it without comment.She said something that was muffled by her face being pressed against my chest and I asked her to repeat it. She looked up, her makeup running with a beatific grin and her eyes shining with light.

‘I said that you were worth every fucking cent.’

I took her face in my hands and kissed her on the lips. Then I led her gently into the rest of the evening.


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