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Sir: Episode 1

The latex gloves were warm against my skin. I put on each glove as she laid on the bed. A few hours ago we had laid on her couch watching netflix whilst the dishes dried on the racking and then Carla had turned as we watched the last episode of Orange Is The New Black and said that she wanted to do something else.

Her eyes were wide in the dark. She had spent dinner talking about the deal she’d gotten for her next three films but had gone and changed into a crop top and shorts , her blonde hair wrestled into a casual top knot and I unwrapped the silk pyjama bottoms and then took the dressing gown from the hanger.  She laid nude over the duvet, legs curled underneath her as I strode into the room.

So from there,  I used the velvet ropes, established the safe word. 


I picked up the lubricant and squirted a blast of it into my palms and rubbed them together.  Then I walked to the bed and climbed onto it as she lifted her head to look at me.

“What are the rules? ”

She swallowed,  trying to restrain the smile that came to her face as she gazed at me.

“I have to ask your permission to come. ”

I cocked my head to one side and put my hand to my ear as I raised my eyebrow.

She grinned and I let it go as she gasped with anticipation.


I nodded and moved carefully over her as she bent her legs at the knee.  Her abs flexed as she shifted her hips to adjust her position.  Her eyes shone and as I stroked her with my index and middle fingers, she shuddered as her head fell back.

Her pussy glistened and the sucking warmth of her pooled around my fingers. She breathed out slowly and pushed against my hand.

I worked as though i were underwater,  careful strokes with a feigned air of idleness to it as I established a slow, insistent rhythm with each motion.  I brought my left hand into the work, using the ball of my thumb to start making small circles to the upper right of her clit, the pulse of her arousal humming as her nerves popped with pleasure.

She lifted her head, cheeks red with the effort of her resistance and I grinned at her.

“Do you have something to say, miss?”

She shuddered and squeezed her eyes shut.

“This isn’t like you,  Carla.”

She shook her head as she exhaled, her full lips pursed into a sculpted pout but her blue eyes burned with her arousal.


I eased a third finger inside as I turned my wrist so that my palm faced the ceiling as I counted the strokes of my thumb in my head. The tips of my fingers were at play, grazing the tense pulsing muscles in search of a particular spot.

When she cried out with a pleasure that sounded akin to agony, I knew I had found it. 

She began to plead, speaking in a rapid feathery glossolalia as I massaged her with my hands. Her hips rolled and I listened to her monologue until I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers as she welled up with a slick pooling of arousal.

“Please sir, can I come?”

I withheld my reply as I kept the rhythm until she cried out again. Then I sat up and looked at her writhing in sweet torment and told her that she had my permission to come.

She bucked hard enough that her ass lifted off the bed, crying out as her legs thrashed and I had to lean forward to avoid an accidental kick or two but I pressed an oiled palm against her pussy and held her firmly as I kept my fingers still.

She recovered by degrees and then as she sagged against the bed, she whispered to the air.

“I’m done”

I stepped away as the moment ended.

I bundled up the gloves as I removed them and tossed them onto the floor before I came over and untied her. I stroked her damp hair from her face as I smiled and crooned what a good girl she was.

She looked up at me and touched my face. Then she spoke,  her voice returned to its state of playful authority.  We were back in the real world again and the balance between us had shifted. I told her that I would see her again.

“Same time next week? ”

To be continued.


4 thoughts on “Sir: Episode 1

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Very nice! I like the play between them- that she made the rules but then submitted to him. Can’t wait for more!


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