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The Secret State by Heather Brooke

We might sneer at certain aspects of US culture and government but when it comes to access to public information,  they’re, in real terms, able to inform themselves in a way that we don’t have here in the UK. 

Heather Brooke, using her experiences and the stories of others, shows how we have a degraded system of bureaucracy,  the worst aspects of theocracy and profit driven anonymity. 

It’s a great book,  passionate and clear,  and already some of the calls made have changed aspects of local and national government for the better.

It’s also been copiously highlighted for research purposes and I’d recommend this to anyone who has a healthy distrust of bureaucracy and authority.

I like the passion here that is apparent throughout and Brooke makes a compelling argument for transparency in politics and publicly held information.  Worth a read if you’re at all interested in the subject and it’s refreshingly bipartisan. 

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