Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 13/04/2015

It really sang this morning, a little bit of exposition, not hanging too heavily in the moment as I am keen to move things onward but I was conscious of still showing, rather than telling too much. In this process, where I’m emptying my head of everything that the story demands, I’m still also aware that I don’t want to waste any time writing anything that’s there just for the appearance of value.

It worked really well. I wrote quickly and yet I started to more wholly foreshadow the third act climax, show the preparations for a major MMA fight in terms of the physical need to make weight and a level of fitness plus whatever ambient needs the strain of impending competition does to someone and the people around them.

I’m too close to it to say if it works as a book overall, certainly there’s more discipline in terms of not producing too bloated and sprawling a piece, so it’s more improvising over a chord progression and less free jazz.  I can’t even be sure that it works as a story, even though it roughly follows three act structure, although within that, there are subplots and developments, I’m working from within rather than without. I’m more a gardener than an architect, but when it’s working with smaller pieces, I like the space to let things and characters breathe.

See, already thinking of it as something I’ve written rather than something I write. Which means new projects to consider, as well as a solid proof of the second book that I can send to the agent and hopefully start thinking about making the transition from writer to author, an artificial distinction but one that’s important in my larger goals.

Appropos of nothing, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hilarious, Titus is the breakout character yet Ellie Kemper underins it all with a solid, likeable performance that hints at genuine trauma without it dragging down the simple yet often overlooked concept of being funny. Actual laugh out loud funny, and my laughter is used to frighten local children into sensible bedtimes.


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