Simple Hungers

I sit,

holding court

with a paperback

and a cup of coffee

Quiet pleasures

Combined with the

Stories that I weave

About passersby,

But then you look up

And the story that comes

To my lips

Is pure in

it’s simple hungers

You and I

Walking away from here

Curtains drawn

Doors locked

Phones switched off

But then you look

Away and I mourn

The moment

But if I saw you

I’d still smile.

Wondering if

The same flame

Burned in your chest

As it did mine.



8 thoughts on “Simple Hungers

    1. Thank you, it was an attempt to be more evocative than direct. Sometimes the ennui of a missed moment can be poignant if you’re alive to it.

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      1. It can indeed — I wrote a haiku about this a while back — much less sensual, since it was linked to a prompt site — but yes. I can relate 🙂

        Always that sense of what could have been —


      2. I like haiku, it’s more a puzzle but the challenge is part of the appeal for me. Oh yes, if we’re addicted to anything as a species, it’s nostalgia and a need to find meaning. That doesn’t preclude the presence of beauty within that.

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