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Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 08/04/2015

I have plunged into the thick of possibly the last sex scene in the book. There’s been a different dynamic to these in this book, more assertive than previously although I’ve balanced the tenderness with the aggression that appears on the surface to be the sum of it all.

So, with this one, there’s more dominance and slapping, although I established boundaries and safe words in the narrative and it’s a different type of scene to write for me, with a male POV and although challenging, there’s a necessary parity to the language because when you’re aroused, as a man, you tend to move into more primal states of mind and I wanted to capture that on the page.

I want to avoid that it resembles a man beating a woman, to insert as much passion into it without making it feel overly languid or trying to soften/excuse the power exchange as a way of apologising for it. So the language I use is more intense, shorter descriptions and reactions, minimal dialogue other than admissions and guttural expressions.

So, I am in the thick of stinging flesh and guttural moans, trying to make it so that you read it and feel the emotions, imagine the struggle and the sting of hand on flesh, that this is all a triumph of the imagination and the will.



2 thoughts on “Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 08/04/2015

    • kinginascent says:

      I talk about this in this morning’s blogpost, how the male brain shuts down, becomes terse, almost anaesthetised by lust. It’s a first draft but I hope that I can bully it into something worthy eventually.

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