Lilith Went Out

When she was cast out.

No one knew where she walked,

And who she spoke to,

Because if you believe

The idea of other forces

Hidden from a Creator’s gaze

Should keep you awake at night.

Were their voices,

The snap of a child’s femur?

The whisper of a paramour?

Who knows,

Maybe she listened,

desperate for comfort

But never regretting

The decision not to submit.

And sometimes,

I wonder, between the gaps

Of witness and myth,

History and story

If the devil were actually

A beautiful woman

And if that were made public,

Then Hell would be so full

That Heaven would take in

The evictees.

4 thoughts on “Lilith Went Out

  1. Was Lilith cast out, or did she walk out, refusing to be subservient to Adam? Guess it depends on whose version you believe. But you raise the question of where Lilith went & what she did, and I think maybe she became the first Dominatrix, a woman who would have Dominion over a man. Does this make her 👹?


    1. Its a fascinating question, Cara, I like the archetype of her and the poem came together around the last line. I imagine she tears her lovers apart but they go smiling.

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  2. Such a thing to contemplate, Matt! The things at work around us are still just at work. We still have command of our own will and get to make choices of our own. But Oh, if the devil is a beautiful woman… sure would make a lot of sense of the choices men make, wouldn’t it?


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