Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 22/02/2015

I am quite proud of this first draft although that makes things difficult later as I have been more sparing which leaves me less to cut. I like having things to cut and I know that earlier there’s lots of extraneous details to pare away.

I described Chris and that detail has gone into a list for the inevitable 2nd draft so I can see who is who and structure the book around them. 

You incorporate certain things into your toolkit and learn new things and skills.  You set yourself up to fail at new things until you stop and then move onto new things. 

So I left it at a good point for tomorrow because I like to leave the page hungry for the next time. I seduce myself in order to maintain the interest.

Inspiration is lovely but you cannot trust it.  Yet you balance that against the long trek from first word to last.  I’ve got a good practice for the work of writing and it allows me to finish work at a good pace. I also read for pleasure and absorb a lot of timely lessons that way.

I owe you all thanks for reading.  I’ll post excerpts soon as I can so that you can see what happens away from here.


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