Authentic Masculinity

It isn’t about adherence to one set of values for me.

I don’t like soccer or football but I love MMA. I love poetry and long walks but I also like playing games on my console.  I love to lift heavy weights and enjoy visiting museums and zoos.

I can’t fix an engine but I can listen and have a smile for everyone who hoves into view. I know my purpose and what scares me.  I have preferences and dislikes but I prefer to share the former than the latter. 

I think compassion is more a show of strength than hatred.  I enjoy being hairy and seeing my muscles grow.  I like being strong and having big rough hands.  I like opening jars when I’m asked and doors when I’m not.  I like my belly and my shaved head. 

I give up my seat for people who could use a sit down more than me.  I’ve been moved to tears by great art and simple kindnesses. 

I’ve forgiven hurts done to me and asked forgiveness for hurts I’ve done. I understand that we’re all different and also the same. 

I don’t define myself by my enemies but I tend to limit my exposure to assholes of all genders, classes and ethnicities. 

None of these things make me more or less a man. There’s no one ideal of manhood but there are universal tenets that we probably know. 

I don’t blame women for the hurt that women have done to me. I don’t disparage other men to curry favour with women at all. I do the things I have to in order to do the things I want to.

I’m just a man and brother so are you.


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