Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 16/12/2014

Today has been productive in the best way possible. I’ve finished a short story and sent it to my agent, it’s notionally science fiction or slipstream, as the distinction goes and I wrote the first draft in longhand then edited it as I typed.

Then this evening, I wrote two pages for the book. It feels like an act of release or liberation to write and although sometimes I worry that I come over in a sub Hemingway parlance, it’s because it is work and it’s also the deepest joy to write. It’s a gift in and of itself. I just talk about the effort because it’s what I wanted to hear once upon a time. It got me to this point and I want that for anyone who’s at that point. I love dilletantes and amateurs, but I prefer professionals in terms of an approach that gets work done with your name on. Regardless of whether you even share the work or get it published.

I swear less than Chuck Wendig, use smaller words than a lot of people because as much as I love the diversity and fertility of language, I speak plainly when it’s important and it is important.

In other news, the new D’Angelo album is remarkable. Considering it took 14 years, it’s worth the wait, and I was afraid that it would be the new Chinese Democracy. I’m not going to say that modern music pales because I listen to amazing new music all the time, but D’Angelo is in the pantheon of my musical heroes next to Prince, Brian Wilson, Jimi Hendrix etc. Right, off to watch Black Mirror now so be good and take care of yourselves.


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