Be Careful What You Wish For

OK, so imagine you’ve written a screenplay and Ridley Scott wants to direct it.

Open the champagne because you’ve made it right?


Ridley Scott has made some amazing films, Exodus looks to be the latest in a downward spiral for him after Prometheus, which looked gorgeous but felt disjointed.

Usually you imagine “sexism” as a pervasive institutional power directed top down against you, oppressing you with sexist jokes or heels at work, but it’s much more illuminating to understand sexism as just another tool to increase consumption.  An obvious example:  it costs women more to dress professionally, even though they get paid less.

This article is brilliant. It nails a number of sacred ideas in the culture and does so with a lot of considered insight.

13 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For

      1. I don’t normally post social commentary and such because it’s a path that’s well trodden and here is where I talk about my passions. I’m a writer, not an activist and my passion goes into and about that. Email debates and such, or an actual conversation where I can express nuance, but online rants aren’t my thing.

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      2. I agree. I love complexities and I am a strong minded woman, however I blog out of enjoyment, not to provoke debate or argument. I enjoy reading a variety of literature but will refrain from becoming actively involved in online negativity 🙂


      3. I aim for equanimity and arguing on the internet is pointless, especially in formats where you’re debating in bursts of 140 characters. I’d rather be kind to people. I look at people who’re angry and I feel unsentimental compassion because that behaviour is borne from an unexamined wound.

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      4. Most definitely. Anger breeds from frustration and lack of comprehension. It is a behaviour choice and shows lack of self-awareness and inner exploration


      5. In terms of the internet, it’s what gets you attention. In social media, the loudest voice draws the most focus rather than those who speak from a place of happiness and compassion. More attention is paid to the broken window than the flower that grows between the cracks in the pavement.

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      6. Yes true but overall that loud voice doesn’t always encourage and develop continuous respect. It is the voice of knowledge which can sway. The deeper one of reason and obvious considered angle


      7. I can understand that. I’m naturally an extrovert but I will always consider my angle of opinion before giving it. I’m a thinker so I let that lead me


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