Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 16/11/2014

A late start today as I awoke with a hangover, which may have been the result of a lovely evening with my best friend at his.

The pages were done today, as I left myself in a good place in terms of the story so I could power through to the next point. I know that it’s not perfect, but I write from a point of knowing the world that the characters live in without explaining every detail in. I don’t view them as villains or heroes, just people acting from their own motives and needs.

I don’t write women as different. Amy Suto talks about how women are either the prize or the harpy, and when you see it in fiction, it’s always a disappointment.

The example she gives are excellent. Evelyn Salt is a Bourne-esque agent but she had to have familial connections to make her seem more palatable and maternal than Bourne, who initially is a cipher.

I’m conscious of these things because the field I write in does have a lot of it. I want to celebrate women as they are, not what’s best for familiarity in storytelling. I’ve found that the tension that gets created when you are writing women as just characters in your story, with all the responsibility and consideration that they deserve frees you up to just have them show autonomy.

I know the backgrounds of the characters and their values. It’s not necessary to tell you but I can show you through their words and actions. If I give you the gift of figuring that out for yourself, then it’s become a collaboration after the fact which enriches your experience and usually makes me look good in hindsight.

I don’t know if I am a good writer, I know I am not yet an author but I finish the things that I start and keep producing work. Nothing has made me stop so far and when I see people post convoluted explanations as to why they’re not writing, I empathise and then feel good that I got it done. Some days I’ve written gibberish but it’s been two pages ahead of a tortured entreaty to the muse and a restless afternoon or evening.

Get the work done, be honest with yourself and tell the story that only you can tell. Don’t be your heroes, because even they don’t necessarily know what they’re saying directly. Just be the best version of you on the page. I guarantee that you will say something in a way that no one has before and it might resonate with someone who has been waiting to see that sentiment expressed in a story.

It’s not about being cool, be passionate and see it as your purpose. Be interested and therefore interesting. Be more into the writing than being a writer.

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