Would Buddha Troll?

If you read someone’s blog or work and you’re sitting in judgement on them then it is your problem to deal with not theirs.  I see things that distress and upset me.  Intolerance dressed in faith,  hatred disguised as a certainty without equanimity. I’ve commented before but it made no difference and it certainly did not improve the situation. 

I acknowledge any number of opinions but I do not have to define or respect them.  I don’t need external validation from abusing or belittling others.  I see pain in people,  self deception and sadness projected outward.  Happy people with high self esteem are seldom cruel or lash out on message boards and social networking. 

Think of a happy person in the public eye.  Say,George Clooney.  When he has a bad day does he log into his anonymous twitter account and troll strangers?  Does he post passive aggressive status updates?
Would Buddha troll people?  Would Jesus or Allah? Would captain America call a teenage girl a slut for cosplaying?
Aim higher than the others but do so with a compassion for the suffering they are experiencing that makes them act like that.


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