Life of a thousand cuts

When you rework sentences from passive to active and you cut the pieces that look like writing. I have a tendency to tell, but I do so pleasantly. It’s probably something I should work on but I know that it has it’s place but unpacking the tell and spread it out, weave it into the show.

Editing is about polishing up what you take away. You don’t destroy anything entirely. I have different drafts available so nothing is truly thrown away. It’s intuition, taste and the honesty that you bring to it. It’s not memoir but it has to feel like it is. There has to be space where you, as the reader do the rest of the work. As Stephen King said, the experience starts in the writers head but ends in the readers.

The aim is to create something that entertains. To tell a story and to make people feel something. To have written and finished something. To hear the reactions when people read it.

Knowing that there are other ideas to explore, stories to be told.

I’ve been listening to music again after a long time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Prince’s new albums and this evening The Roots …and then you shoot your cousin which is stunning.  Psychedelic soul music, it’s all played live but it sounds like an old sample at time. It feels looped but it’s actually meditative and played by musicians. There are grooves here that go as deep as the marianas trench, melodies that feel orchestral and bohemian at the same time. The lyrics deal with the struggle to maintain spirituality in the face of desire. They also celebrate that desire and explore the suffering it causes. It’s a bold exploration of a lot of different styles all wielded to a celebration of a band who are incredible musicians because of the restraint they show. The songs know when to breathe, when to fade out and when to just stop.


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