I’ve spoken before about maturity, in respect of masculinity. 

It’s maligned, as though men are the root cause of every problem in the world even though it’s more a matter of individuals, unchallenged assertions and a lack of maturity that gets promulgated as the norm. 

It is boys that are the problem. 

One of the tools that a boy has to gain and develop maturity is to consider and contemplate in solitude. So articles like this get read as being ‘hey dummy men can’t be on their own hehe’ although it does promote mindfulness as a solution which in turn is an effective tool for anyone in terms of mental health, equilibrium and well being. 

The sad thing about the men’s rights activists is that on some things they do have a point. The rate of suicide for men is disproportionately large in comparison to women, there are gender disparities in custody and divorce settlements and if they weren’t threatening women and crying wolf at every turn, then people might listen to them. 

No one ever had their minds changed by being belittled and abused for their opinion.

I don’t speak from a siege mentality. I focus on being positive, passionate and focused on my goals and endeavours within my sphere of influence. I think the trend of the social justice warrior is simultaneously ineffective, demeaning and degrading the level of discourse. It’s replacing consideration and activism with a form of bullying that allows the bullied to adopt the tactics of the bully and it’s degradation disguised as empowerment. Still I understand where it comes from, and how it’s popular. It’s a minimal action that can feel expansive and it allows for a smooth, unchallenged projection of negative traits without the recognition of that. 

I focus on being the best version of me that I can. I seek to inspire and bring up, not degrade and tear down because I don’t need an external conflict to distract from what I am not dealing with internally. I have my path to follow and time spent ‘calling out’ people is time wasted for me. If it is your mission, then what I say won’t matter to you anyway. 


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