Getting Up Or Getting Off

Sex and sexuality is simultaneously taken too seriously and not seriously enough.  It’s a base physical drive and a sublime expression.
The first book and the current project are written from a woman’s perspective.  There is a strong sexual element in both of them which arose as a genuine aspect of the work.  Sexual expression and experiences are, for women,  policed and minefields in our culture.
That, to me,  is worth writing about.  Notions of monogamy too, come into play because any opposition to it, sometimes any discussion of it is so taboo that the challenge of it calls to me.

You’re unrestricted,  uncensored and with a budget of unlimited means.  Sure you can recreate that book which was a bestseller about the time you decided to write but if it’s not really you,  people can tell. I’m not saying be controversial for it’s own sake,  but if that small voice in your head tells you to stand before the dark,  the sadness and give it voice then that paradoxically is the healthiest expression of you and your art.

Sure you can just write things that get people off intellectually or physically.  I don’t want to write a consensual enthusiastic scene that’s not trying to do both but I think for the challenge,  the growth that’s possible you should consider it if it’s a genuine need.

I say this without reference to genre specifically because the best work represents the strengths or surpasses it.

By MBBlissett

Writer. Working on book-length projects and posting fiction and poetry here.

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