Down and Dirty Pictures

I have finished it and it’s a great book,  and it’s interesting to see how without authorial caveat that Harvey Weinstein has become a victim of his own flaws although admittedly still massively successful.  The losses are, as they so often are, absorbed by the artists.  There’s no middle ground for pictures and film makers are expected to be auteurs without apprenticeship. 

There’s an interesting parallel between that and self publishing to me but that’s better left unsaid.

I am now about to start The Killing Season by Miles Corwin which is a non fiction book about a summer spent with the LAPD homicide division.  I love police procedural pieces, non fiction especially. Usually you find that murder is committed for mundane reasons.  Moments of rage or perceived slights rather than baroque serial killer geniuses tend to be the norm.  Murder is a way to address an inconvenience for some people. 

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