To Fight Empire.

I was going to post on A Voice For Men, asking them to stop, pointing out that calling women names and using examples of radical feminists who call for the extinction of men is merely projection of their own feminine instincts onto an external other when I realised that it was pointless and a waste of my time. 

Because I am for things rather than against them. I practice compassion, I believe and enjoy my masculinity without needing to belittle or demean anyone, male or female. If someone is sitting and screaming in the corner, male or female, then you don’t have to listen to them at all. To quote, Philip K Dick, ‘to fight the empire is to be infected by it’s derangements.’. Certainly if i am witness to second class behaviour personally or in my sphere of influence, then I will speak out against it. I don’t want to attach myself to the immature tantrums of the Mens Rights Activists. There are gender imbalances, but they are being used by a tiny percentage of each group and amplified into arguments that have little to no basis in reality. I’ve seen both groups gaslight and troll and then accuse the other side of using the same tactic without irony. 

I don’t enjoy mobs, angry or otherwise. There’s little to no love or compassion in the ideals and rhetoric of such extreme groups. I’m embarrassed by Mens Rights Activists and have little to no common ground with them. To me, equality is a tide that raises all boats and sure you can massage statistics into any point that suits your argument but I want a world where women can walk down a street anywhere in the world without feeling threatened, where children don’t scream in the night, where men don’t kill themselves rather than articulate their pain. I want a world where a man can stay at home and a woman can command a business empire or an army, because we all have different energies and polarities. 

Just be kind and compassionate to one another, seek to understand then be understood. Calling people names and punching them is the same to the thalamus so why do either? 




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