It’s Not Men That Are The Problem…

It’s boys, because you can grow older but not necessarily grow up. 

 A salient characteristic of antisocial children and adolescents is that they appear to have no feelings. Besides showing no care for others’ feelings or remorse for hurting others, they tend to demonstrate none of their own feelings except anger and hostility, and even these are communicated by their aggressive acts and not necessarily expressed through affect. One analysis of antisocial behavior is that it is a defense mechanism that helps the child to avoid painful feelings, or else to avoid the anxiety caused by lack of control over the environment.

Read more: Antisocial Behavior – Causes and characteristics, Treatment – Theories Of Personality, Child, and Children – JRank Articles

Now instead of children and adolescent, think of the MRA, the guy who catcalls a woman when she walks past on the street.  Is that a mature set of behaviour? Think of the real man that you thrill to or admire, does he pull any of that shit? Does he post Youtube manifestos detailing his hatred of women? 

No, then perhaps if we were a little bit smarter about defining the behaviour and the causes behind it, then we can start talking about resolving it to mutual satisfaction. It’s embarrassing for me, as a man, that it’s merely men that are the problem when it’s pathological immaturity that creates these people. 

The phrase not all men is used to mock those who object as a way of feeling disgusted with the actions that are attributed to them and they are right to say it, but it’s the distinction that needs to change. It’s boys not men who pull this shit, and it’s not acceptable. 



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Men That Are The Problem…

    1. Thank you. The distinction is there but it gets lost in the rush of emotions but it’s important to differentiate that it’s a maturity issue more than a purely gender one.


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