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Until She Sings a review by Tara Caribou.

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Minor key


Your fingers dance across the keys

How you dip slightly as you play

The lines of your forearms

Making tea so you don’t see

My tears. Happy ones these days.

Moved like volcanoes move

I’ve been lower case

Minor key, hid the weaknesses

But the pain in dealing with them was

A pinch compared to the depth

This glorious height

To which I’ve become accustomed to

If I told you that

You’d laugh it off

As it should be

But I’ll dry my eyes

Cross the room to breathe you in

To breathe you in.

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My New Addiction

This has been a recent and welcome discovery. There’s a lot of content but the warmth and enthusiasm is infectious and soon you’ll be hoping to find someone else who’s into it so you can talk to them about it.

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Until She Sings

My book Until She Sings is out now.


Until She Sings


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All the ways

To sit with uncertainty

Here amidst the ruins of

The person I was

Someone better

Lives here now

Yet the hungry ghosts of old weaknesses

Change forms as they stalk the future

They’ve no place haunting

But those, red in tooth and claw,

They fail to learn from history

My victories, come at a cost,

I get on with the work

Arms not too tired

To hold the sword

Above my head

I live, able to do anything




Except where I’ve shown

The last few hungry ghosts

And in the revelation

Came the ways in which

They are defeated

A slow learner, yes

But a sure one



The ways

Which matter

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13 Postcards From Hell

My short story ‘Junkyard Redemption’ is featured in the anthology ’13 Postcards From Hell’. The link is below, and it was an honour to be featured alongside some great writers.