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Zombie Movies

I’m watching zombie 

Movies and the phone

Pinging with

Fits of neuroses

Squeezed into strait jackets

Not even a silver of moon

And everyone goes feral

Happy, bland faces

Gnawing at people’s futures

To feed a belly adapted for

some notion of justice

it is a hunger

Bland and cold

Relentless and puritan

The mob, clawing

And I turn the movie off

But it doesn’t end anymore

Does it?

I finger the faded bite scars

Remember how I too

Shambled and bit on


But I’m human now

Forgiving and puzzled

By how mindless hunger

Is mistaken for hilarity

And the disinfecting


when (read another book)

It’s all too close to beautiful

To see

The headshot rebuilt 

My brain

And I shut the door

Hear their nails clawing at the door

Wonder when they’ll come 



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Weekend Omnibus – Poetry


Summer Remains

A beggars meal

The Light You Arrived With

Autumn Ghosts

the words were there


beauty, masculinity, poetry, women

faint bursts of a defiant something

Cold, quiet morning

The faint bursts of something

Sat on a branch

Singing in defiant bursts

Despite the chill

Which keeps the doors closed

Would I sing with such joy?

In the face of bitter, biting chill?

How I might roar,

Plumes of breath

Spilling like unguarded secrets

To run, to play

Despite each second of cold,

Its rough caresses

Making me shake

Like a virgin crossing

The marital threshold

Sing, my friend,

Here, let me pass

A single flame

We shall endure,

Such as we are

With what we have

For whatever time


beauty, masculinity, men, poetry, women


Acetone breath

Taut with the tiny fires

Of adipose cells aflame

All the saffron self deception

Running away like tallow

Days without sugar

But ever awash with


These intermittent

Diets of ashes and draughts

Have stripped off

The sagging skin

Like Phoenix down

Each breath

A road

A promise

I have endured

And still


With each breath

Fuelling my actions

Faster than words

A gentle man, not

Always but always

A gentle man

Burning with reinvention

Purpose hot enough

To burn away the dark


Yet this beast has soft brown eyes

Which glow with such focus

Lit from within as I look upon you

with such wonder




Summer Remains


Fight until I cannot

About my work

Armoured in purpose

Winter is a state of mind

And in my heart

I sit with blizzards

Open my eyes with wonder

To first snow

Yet summer remains

Within me

beauty, love, men, poetry, women

A beggars meal

Breathing easier

Despite the first soft kiss

Of winter

First snow in Washington

Saw people reading my work

who live in places

I’ve never seen

Feeding my wonder

Knowing whatever happens

I will ensure

But still

Heart unbuttoned

Feel free and broad

You’d see it if we broke bread

Watching salt spill from my fingers

Wine on my lips

A beggars meal

Made regal by perspective

My hand in yours

Rough and warm like

Mothers tongue rasping 

Cub skill into shape



All the same

All the same

beauty, erotica, lust, sex, women

Sir 2.0


A science fiction/erotica series about the limits of personal freedom, desire and technology.